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The Amazing Ring of Fire Expedition on Tambora Liveaboard

The unique topography of the Ring of Fire contributes to the richness of Indonesia's underwater world. Volcanic formations create dramatic drop-offs, walls, and pinnacles that serve as a backdrop for an abundance of marine life.


The country's position at the confluence of the Pacific and Indian Oceans further enhances the biodiversity of its waters, making it a haven for macro and mega marine fauna alike.  This area can only be explored fully by liveaboard and Tambora Liveaboard has a trip coming up this year. 

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, diving in the Ring of Fire offers encounters with some of the ocean's most awe-inspiring creatures. Hammerhead sharks patrol the waters of Banda Sea, providing an exhilarating experience for experienced divers.

The underwater world of Banda Sea is characterized by its diverse marine life and stunning coral formations, making it a hidden gem within the Ring of Fire. Additionally, Gems of Alor, with its pristine waters, is emerging as a sought-after diving destination. Divers can explore vibrant coral gardens, encounter unique critters, and witness the region's marine biodiversity in full display. Conservation efforts are crucial in preserving the fragile ecosystems of the Ring of Fire.


Divers are encouraged to practice responsible tourism by respecting marine life, avoiding contact with delicate corals, and supporting local initiatives dedicated to marine conservation. By fostering sustainable diving practices, enthusiasts can contribute to the long-term health of these underwater marvels.

The Ring of Fire in Indonesia includes renowned sites such as Gili Manuk (Snake Island), Banda Neira, and Serua Island in their itineraries. These locations add to the allure of the region, providing unique and thrilling underwater experiences for divers.

Gili Manuk, often referred to as Snake Island, offers divers the chance to witness an extraordinary underwater ecosystem. The surrounding waters are known for their rich biodiversity, featuring a variety of marine life and vibrant coral reefs. Diving around Gili Manuk provides a unique opportunity to encounter sea snakes and other fascinating underwater creatures that contribute to the diversity of the region.

Banda Neira, part of the Banda Islands, is another exceptional destination for scuba diving enthusiasts in the Ring of Fire. The volcanic formations in this area create stunning underwater landscapes, including dramatic drop-offs and walls. Divers can explore the depths around Banda Neira to witness the abundance of marine life, from colorful coral gardens to schools of fish. The historical significance of the Banda Islands, coupled with their underwater beauty, makes them a must-visit for any avid diver.

Serua Island, situated in the vicinity of the Ring of Fire, is a hidden gem that promises a unique diving experience. With its pristine waters, Serua Island offers divers the chance to explore vibrant coral gardens and encounter a diverse array of marine fauna. The underwater world around Serua Island showcases the region's marine biodiversity in all its glory, making it a sought-after destination for those looking to explore lesser-known but equally captivating diving sites.

As scuba diving enthusiasts embark on their underwater adventures in Gili Manuk, Banda Neira, and Serua Island, they are encouraged to participate in responsible tourism practices. Respecting marine life, avoiding contact with delicate corals, and supporting local initiatives dedicated to marine conservation are essential steps in preserving the fragile ecosystems of these dive sites. By incorporating sustainable diving practices, enthusiasts can contribute to the long-term health and preservation of the underwater marvels found in the Ring of Fire, Indonesia.

The Tambora liveaboard will be doing the Ring of fire Expedition in Indonesia for 11 nights 12 days starting from Alor on 28 September 2024  and finishing in Ambon on 09 October 2024



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